Sudhir turns 2

Three Cheers to Umana for the youngest member of our team has turned 2....

Sudhir is the guy everyone goes to for all kinds of help whether you need a lift back home or need help with understanding an indent he is your guy.

A true team player. Looking forward to 3...

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Happy 3 years!!!! We love you Kusuma

On 22nd June 2018 Kusum completed 3 years at Umana....Yippeeee!!!

We love Kusum for her innocence & creativity. She is the go to person when we can't find someone's contact details.

Kusuma 3 cheers for the 5 year mark!!!!

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Job search techniques you think work, but don’t

You often know when you’ve just made a big mistake in your job application. You forget to attach your resume. You send the wrong version. You address your cover letter to Mr. Chris Allen—then realize there’s a strong chance Chris is a woman. But other times, you have no idea—you may even think you’re doing everything right! In fact, there are a few common job search techniques that candidates employ over and over because they think

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Ways to Increase Your Influence

Within every industry there are thought leaders: people who recognize trends before they happen and provide insight, leadership and education to their peers. These thought leaders are powerful people with opportunities and leverage both within their industry and outside of it.
Although it’s a long road to this level of authority, you should constantly strive to achieve thought leadership because of the many benefits. Here are five

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How to Overcome Your Most Common Fears About Work

Your fears are more common than you think. Don’t let them hold you back.
Fear is a response to physical and emotional danger; it should keep us alert and safe. But too much fear about perceived threats just causes anxiety and stress, and at work, it can stall our careers.
Here are five of the most common fears people have about work, and five ways to overcome them:
1. Fear of Not Fitting In
Fear of rejectio

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