Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services (KPO) describes the outsourcing of core information-related business activities which are competitively important or form an integral part of a company's value chain. KPO requires advanced analytical and technical skills as well as a high degree of specialist expertise.

Regions which are particularly prominent in Knowledge Process Outsourcing include India, Sri Lanka, and Eastern Europe, especially Poland, Romania, and the Baltic States. KPO is a continuation of Business process outsourcing, yet with rather more of business complexity. To be successful in Knowledge process outsourcing, a lot of guide is required from inter organizational system.

Umana's Perspective :

Umana has constantly mapped the developments in this dynamic sector and kept abreast with challenges of talent management. Our team has not only successfully completed numerous mandates for at the VP / Director levels in multiple domains, but are constantly assisting companies in selecting and recruiting professional Managerial and Executive talent amongst various specialist operational areas.

In this rapidly changing industry dynamics, our role at Umana is not limited to sourcing the right talent and working on the mandates given by the companies. We understand the challenges of hiring, retaining the right talent in the industry, and act as consultants to candidates as well as companies in advising them of the best choices. We understand a candidate’s profile, interests, skills, and match them with the requirements of the company. Mapping of right fit happens two ways – both for the employer as well as the employee. Our endeavour is to not to just help companies get the right candidates, but to build a long lasting professional relationship.