Reference Data Analyst - Lead Assistant Manager

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    Noida, [Uttar Pradesh]
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Company overview


Our client is a leading BPO Headquartered in New York, with more than 27,000 professionals in locations throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and South Africa. They are experts in analytics, operations management, and technology 

Job Description

LAM-Reference Data Analyst

  • Data Analyst will use their strong analytical skills to provide Investment data assistance and in maintaining client's investment data in an Enterprise Data System (EDS).
  • Data analyst will manage file receipt, data quality, audit and reporting activities. This role will report into a Senior Analyst.
  • Key Accountabilities would be as follows.

·      File Receipt and Processing

·      Investment Data Preparation and Analysis

·      Data Quality

·      Data Governance

·      Audit and Controls

·      Vendor Relationship and Management

·      Reporting

·      Any other activities required by business

  • Develop a thorough and three-dimensional understanding of business operations to include investment data elements, key stakeholders and individual roles and the interoperability between all investment functional teams.
  • Ability to ensure all investment related data flows in correctly into EDS and flows out smoothly to systems like Factset, Moody's, Bloomberg, Essbase, tax provisioning software etc.
  • Ability to follow and create business rules to prepare and adjust investment data every day, month, quarter, year, as per business needs
  • Ability to prepare golden investment data sets every month, quarter and year and answer any business queries on the data and/or calculations
  • Ability to identify inefficient/ineffective processes and develop recommendations to enhance controls and efficiency
  • Candidate would be responsible for monitoring and measuring of SLAs as defined by client.
  • Handle escalations from business owners and vendors
  • Ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures, external regulations and information security standards


File Receipt and Processing

  • Work with Vendor, IT and business owners to receive, process and resolve issues pertaining to data files feeding into EDS on a daily, monthly, quarterly basis
  • Escalate file receipt errors to vendor (Eg – State Street, Factset, Moody's etc.) and notify business owners when there are errors in file receipt
  • Ensure product (Fixed Income, OTC Derivatives, Mortgage) pricing data is complete / updated in EDS every month

Investment Data Preparation and Adjustment

  • Provide Investment Data expertise associated with preparation, analysis, and adjustment of the company's investment portfolio data.
  • Execute business rules decided by business owners pertaining to EDS Investment data and make adjustments in data, either by giving feedback to vendors or making direct adjustments in EDS – Business rules pertain to Investment Accounting, Investment and Tax data elements such as NAIC Rating, Original NAIC, Book Yield, Book Value, Market Value, Asset Class etc.
  • Analyze business rule breaches with Investments and Investment Accounting, and suggest ways to streamline business rules to reduce false positives
  • Make adjustments in EDS Investment data required to meet Trade Blotter – SSKC PAM recon, ABOR-IBOR recon, and Silver GID-GL Ledger recon
  • Work with business owners and IT to create and test new products in vendor systems and EDS
  • Maintain an inventory of business rules, pricing and recon related adjustments made in EDS

            Data Quality

  • Maintain an inventory of file content and data quality rules
  • Facilitate addition of data quality and file content rules (Identify new rules, make BRD, FRD)
  • Generate and share data quality scorecard with business owners for vendor feedback

Audit & Controls

  • Support business owners in creating audit reports and in providing audit trail of data fields
  • Act as point of contact for data and adjustment related queries in EDS - Follow data handling and protection policy while sharing data
  • Maintain and follow Key and non-key controls outlined in Risk Control Matrix

Data Governance (Backup for Senior Analyst)

  • Coordinate close of Golden Investment Data every month and act as data steward/gatekeeper of Investment Data in EDS to provide high quality, consistent data to business owners
  • Ensure reconciliation and adjustment process is complete before closing Golden Investment Data in EDS every month
  • Maintain and update an inventory of business rules pertaining to Investments, Investment Accounting and Tax
  • Work with  client's IT team to update EDS source file layouts as and when needed

Vendor Management (Backup for Senior Analyst)

  • Communicate any adjustments needed in source data to relevant vendors and escalate non adherence to client business owners
  • Participate in weekly, monthly, quarterly meetings with vendors and give feedback to business owners and vendors on vendor data quality through the use of data scorecards
  • Work with vendors such as State Street, FactSet, Moody's and Bloomberg to ensure accurate EDS data is feeding into and out of their systems


  • Work with client's IT team to resolve data feed issues from vendor to EDS
  • Facilitate creation of new reports in Essbase by defining data and report requirements
  • Act as Investment SME for client's IT team during process of updating client's data dictionary


 Technical Skills

  • Expert knowledge of SQL, Enterprise Data System (EDS), MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, State Street PAM software
  • Experience querying large, complex data sets to understand at a granular level what's happening in the business


Domain Specific Skills

  • Should understand investment accounting concepts such as Book Yield, Book Value and Amortization / Accretion
  • Strong knowledge of Fixed Income / Derivative, Mortgage and Equities related products, such as corporate bonds, Collateralized Loan Obligations, OTC Derivatives, Equity options
  • Preferable: Knowledge of Bloomberg, FactSet, Moody's, Essbase


Soft skills (Desired)

  • Great understanding of data flow across systems and strong analytical and reporting skills
  • Quick learner who adapts well to a fast-moving environment and gets things done, combines creativity, problem-solving skills, and a can-do attitude to overcome any obstacle
  •  Excellent verbal and written communication skills: Ability to interact comfortably with different levels of management and articulate/present issues clearly and succinctly, including technical issues


Education Requirements

  • Bachelors in Finance, Economics, Business or other quantitative degrees
  • CFA Level 1 Complete

Work Experience Requirements

  • 5+ years' experience in analyzing investment data for Financial Services companies (Preferably insurance companies)
  • Experience in executing and managing business rules and exceptions


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